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a ‘tiny bit’ of
Dutch trade spirit


Dear visitor,

Many thanks taking time to explore our website and to read more about our background.

As with the most of you I got triggered by watching television. At the time, I was only in about 9 years old, the 500 CC world championship, Wayne Rainey (Honda) battling with Kevin Schwartz (Suzuki)…….  I loved the speed and sound of racing. GP sunday’s, watching television for hours while normally I couldn’t “sit on my hands” for only just 10 minutes.

This was the time Ducati had lots of succes with their 851/888 superbikes, but for one reason or another and even-though I loved the sound it was just not “my bike” at the time. Until…… just a couple of years later, Ducati came with the legendary 916 corsa. An extremely competitive race-bike with 2 carbon fiber exhausts right under the tail, a single sided swingarm, a sound that was music to the ears and a design we had never seen before. “Is it a motorbike” or “is it art”? Maybe both, but one thing was very clear to me … I just wanted to have one… ever!

Years later, finished school, had a job, it was time to apply for my motorcycle license. Three months later: had my license, but no bike to ride… what should it be? Off course a Ducati, but a 916 or an 996…? After lots of reading I decided to go for a Ducati 996 as these were a little more reliable. Until I saw that eBay advertisement of a Ducati 998 in the UK. Did some research, negotiated a little with the owner and bought the bike without seeing or driving it.
Briefly: hired a van, drove to Calais (FR), took the ferry, exchanged money, drove further to Somerset (UK), collected the bike and back asap as I had the ferry to catch.
Next morning, back at home, only a couple of hours of sleep, unloading the 998 and glowing with pride “I just bought a Ducati 998″, which was the successor of that Ducati 916 I ever wanted!

Riding my Ducati’s I discovered finding Genuine parts at reasonable prices was sometimes pretty difficult. Ok, at the time new parts for the 998 weren’t that hard to get, one stop at the dealer and you got what you needed but the prices were almost “as fast” as our bikes. Because of this, and initially as a hobby, I started to buy and sell used and NOS parts. 
Talking a lot with other Ducatisti, selling via several online platforms and making new friends all over the world I received more and more direct enquiries whether I could help finding parts and bikes. Doing so the need for a more professional platform increased. A platform without the limitations of 3th parties and their increasing (hidden) fees, but one which is future proof, enables us to keep our prices reasonable and through which we can better maintain our service standards: honest, open, transparent and informal but polite.

To ensure these goals, in my opinion, it’s essential to avoid and eliminate all unnecessary costs, cooperate with the right partners but especially keeping close contact to “you”, our customers.

With this cutting edge site including webshop we try to take the next step in professionalizing our services so we can serve our fellow Ducatisti even better.

Should you have any questions or suggestions about our services, website or anything else, please feel free to contact us. We have an open mind about proposals aimed at making our services better or more efficient.

Cordiali saluti / kind regards,



It’s about you, our customer(s), not about our vision. Times are changing, businesses should act along these changes or, even better, change themself and make the difference. Instead of a vision we personally continuously try to put ourselves in consumers’s shoes which in our case means working together to create what you’re looking for and fulfill your needs as much as possible.

Questions we ask ourselves from time to time are very simple

Are we the biggest shop with the biggest stock?

No, we’re not!..

Do we want to become the biggest?

No, we focus on customer satisfaction; growing big is not an end itself.

If we, ourselves, were a customer, would “big” be important to us?

No, we’d rather have a (small) company with top level service who really thinks with and helps us.

What do we want to achieve with CorsaSBK?

Exactly the answer on the 3th question: open, transparant and honest top level service for our clients and their most beautiful bikes!

As clarified above we don’t have the need to grow very big, but should we do so, service will always be our top priority. In the end, we Italian motorcycle fans, all once started with the same passion: driving our first Ducati, MV Agusta, Aprilia, Moto Morini etc….

We won’t forget that!