Ducati 916SP…. Genuine or not…… Part 2

Recognizing a genuine Ducati 916SP, without all the formal stuff….

From the outside there are some differences with a standard 916, also called 916 Strada, but we can imagine people don’t notice the differences as the most special “work” is done to the engine. To give you a quick overview please find a list of Ducati 916 SP characteristics below:

Characteristics of a genuine Ducati 916 SP (SP1, SP2 & SP3)

Visible without disassembling:

  • Ducati monoposto single seat unit with a white “numberfield”
  • Carbon fiber front fender (if you were lucky)
  • Ohlins rear shock
  • Brembo cast iron full floating front brake rotors / discs
  • Steel braided front brake line (SP2 & SP3; SP1 was fitted with rubber brake line)
  • Aluminium / alloy subframe
  • P8 ECU
  • 50mm double injector per cylinder throttle bodies
  • flattened cylinder heads without “DESMO 4V DOHC” a la 916 racing
  • 14 tooth front Sprocket (Strada had 15 tooth)
  • 2 RPM pick-up sensors located near the alternator cover
  • Unique 45/50 exhaust system

Non-visible characteristics:

  • Pankl steel H-section con-rods
  • lightened crankshaft counterweights with heavy (Mallory) metal inserts
  • 21 mm gudgeon pins instead of 20mm
  • Barrels (94mm bore) have thicker muffs to accommodate the bigger bore (96 mm bore to 955 cc)
  • Crankcase, larger bore (102mm openings) to suit SP barrels with thicker muffs
  • Lightened flywheel
  • Valves enlarged to 34/30 (from 33/29mm)
  • G-inlet / A- exhaust camshafts

For some other, but very important, aspects we’d like you to read: Ducati 916 SP. Genuine or not…… Part 3

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